Competitive Sales/Leasing

Obtain the highest and best price for your oil and gas interest by partnering with Rose Rock and participating in a competitive process to divest or lease your oil and gas interest.


Rose Rock’s mission is to help willing sellers realize the best available price for their oil and gas interests.  We are able to do this through our industry relationships and by marketing your interests, along with our other clients’ interests, as a larger and more attractive asset package, to a broad group of potential buyers.

Still Have Questions?

If you are considering selling or leasing your oil and gas interest, please call us at (405) 276-9095 or email us at, so that we can help you obtain the best value for your property.

The Process

  1. Initial Consultation. Meet with a Rose Rock representative to review your oil and gas interests, ask any questions you may have and obtain details of upcoming sale dates and process timelines. Should you choose to partner with Rose Rock, you will be asked to sign an agreement, committing your interest to be sold or leased through Rose Rock’s competitive process.  At your election, you may set a “Reserve Price” stipulating your lowest acceptable price and unless this price is met, you will not be committed to sell or lease your interests. Other terms may be stipulated as well.


  1. Packaging Assets for Sale. Rose Rock will combine your oil and gas interests with other like interests, by geographic area, as one large sales or lease package. We will then prepare a sales or lease brochure, which we will use in our marketing campaign.  The brochure will include (1) a summary of the interests being sold or leased, (2) a description of the geologic setting and undeveloped resource potential, (3) an overview of industry activity, well results and other value drivers and (4) a timeline for bid submittals and closing.


  1. Marketing. Rose Rock will market to a large audience of potential buyers, who will be invited to participate in a competitive bid process to acquire or lease the asset package. All potential buyers must demonstrate they are “Qualified Bidders” of good financial standing.  For each sales package, Rose Rock will make available, to Qualified Bidders, a virtual data room with additional details and documentation regarding the interests.


  1. Bid Submittal. Qualified Bidders will submit their bids to Rose Rock on or before a specified date and time.  All interests under the Sales Package will be sold or leased to the highest bidder, less and except any interest where the Reserve Price is not met.


  1. Closing. Winning bidders will have up to 60 days to confirm that each owner has good and marketable title to their oil and gas interests. Once title has cleared, closing will commence and you will be paid.